Scholar Search User Guide

See also: About Scholarly Search

In addition to the basic filtering and sorting options, this search interface also allows the use of Lucene query syntax in the search box. You can restrict term queries on multiple metadata fields using colon statements like journal:Science, set filters like lang:de, and apply range queries like year:>1989 year:<2000.

Example Queries

Search for digitized pages about a topic from specific years:

Search for papers in Chinese matching a term:

Conference papers with an author name query:


A partial list of metadata fields is:

You can restrict to records where the field exists with an asterisk like doi:*, and negate any term like !type:article-journal.

In-depth documentation of the query syntax is available from the open source project. The complete current search document schema can be fetched (in JSON format) from the search index itself.

Known Issues

This project is currently a prototype, with only a limited amount of content indexed.

Some known bugs and issues: